Art Studio Ambiantique

Portrait Ideas and Applications

There are many reasons for ordering a portrait - here are just a few . . .

1. A portrait of yourself for yourself. Maybe you have a wonderful photograph of
---yourself that you would like to turn into a real piece of art - a centerpiece for
---your living room or bedroom. It could be sized and modified in color so it
---would fit the room design and space.

2. A portrait of yourself for someone special - for Valentine's Day or your
---Anniversary. Imagine that special someone unwrapping 'The Present' -
---and their fascination with your portrait. This kind of present can't be bought
---at the mall!

3. A portrait of two or more people painted from one picture or from different
---pictures taken at different times. What if you like a particular photograph of
---yourself, and of another person on a different photograph? And yet, you want
---to be together on one painting, as though you were together when those
---pictures were taken. How about giving a portrait of the two of you on
-- Valentine's Day or your Anniversary? Imagine his or her surprise - you never
---had a picture together like that - it did not exist until this moment!

4. A portrait with your favorite pets. They are family too - why shouldn't they
---join you on the painting?

5. A portrait with a variety of modifications. Everything can be changed:
---Eye color - Have you always wanted to have blue eyes? Let it be!
---Background coloration - Are you ordering a portrait for some specific interior
---and the portrait has to fit into an intended color scheme?
---Historical costuming - Your guests may not notice at first that the
--'Renaissance Person' in the painting is actually YOU! Historical costuming
---is a fun option, so be creative - you have endless possibilities here.

6. A fantasy portrait with unusual details - consider butterflies, flowers, seashells
---and other ingenious elements.


7. A portrait of your loved ones - for yourself, or surprise them with an
---impossible-to-duplicate gift of a lifetime! Give them their own fine art portrait
---for their Birthday, Christmas, or Anniversary and see their astonishment and
---appreciation of your thoughtfulness.

---Do you have children? Did you take a cute picture begging to be saved for
---eternity? Does your child have a room that is the center of his universe?
---Having their own portrait in their room would underline the idea of having
---their personal territory, encourage personality development, and give them
---a sense of autonomy.

---Are you a grandparent in search of a memorable holiday present for your
---grandchild? Here is a fact - portraits never become outdated. A portrait is a
---rare present that will never be discarded with the passage of time.

---E-mail us your stories! We'd love to hear what happiness we helped to create.


8. A family portrait uniting SEVERAL GENERATIONS on one painting -
---Grandchildren, children, parents, and grandparents - all can be 'joined in'
---from many separate photographs, becoming one! Some of these people
---may no longer be around, but they will always remain alive . . .
---on the painting with you.

---Come up with ideas of your own. Your dreams can come true!


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