"Have nothing in your house
that you do not believe to be beautiful."

William Morris

Welcome to Art Studio Ambiantique, where the high art standards of elegance meet professionalism and skill.

Whether you're dreaming of a beautiful classic portrait of yourself, someone you love, or a family portrait, we are here to help.

Perhaps you are looking for something illusive, such as a fantasy portrait with surprising details - how about a resting butterfly painted on your bare shoulder? Maybe you would like something more dramatic, such as a portrait of you in historical dress - how about the simplicity of an outfit from the Greco-Roman period, the exuberance of a Renaissance dress, or an elaborate Louis XIV era costume? We can do it all! Any size, any medium, any composition - we can make it all happen here!

Take a tour. Stop at our portrait gallery and explore your possibilities. Don't forget to use your imagination!


The Art Team of Creative Dreamers

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